This is our moment!

Dear DP Alumni,

We are only a week away from the final buzzer for our giving competitions and on our way to hitting our goals and winning awards. We are incredibly grateful to the entire DPAA community for keeping up with our Masthead Madness updates, sharing stories, making shoutouts and giving to The Daily Pennsylvanian and our students.   

Last week, I was invited to come speak at the College Media Business and Advertising Managers conference, on the topic of Development and alumni engagement; something that all groups are seriously investigating with the continual decline in ad revenue. I was able to share our success in launching our Development operation two years ago and show that alumni philanthropic giving and volunteer time, can support organizational needs and even operations when strategically aligned. We still have a ways to go, but I was proud to share all we have created and the number of students (over 250) we have impacted by the dollars (over $300,000) and hours (+100s) you have all given. 

We are the DP, we have always blazed paths in student media and journalism. We are now doing it again, by leading, and proving that student media groups and newsrooms are serious passion projects and truly mean something to those who have ever been involved and contributed to them. There is great affinity for organizations like ours and we are showing that we can create beautiful intersections of student success with alumni capacity, care and concern.  

It is fun to win awards and to be recognized, but the purpose of these competitions has been to shine a light on organizations like ours and to work with partners to bring an audience of donors and volunteers to our brands and publications. We are grateful to all who have stepped up to the plate this year so far and know that with everyone’s support we can continue to ensure the future of the DP and continue to provide transformative and meaningful experiences for our students. 

If you have not made a gift to the DP this year, participating in Masthead Madness is a great chance. Go to: Make a Gift Today!  I know we will finish at or near the top in the country and I know we will surpass our goal, because the DPAA community continually delivers for our students when called upon.  

Thank you ALL for ALL you give to the DP!  

With gratitude,   

Steven Molberger  

Director of Development 


An important message from the Commissioner…


Masthead Madness is Back and BIGGER!


Dear DPAA,

Yamin from the DP Development team here. I am one of this year’s Masthead Madness student project managers. Being at the DP has truly been one of the best experiences I have ever had and I am sure it was the same for you.

We are reaching out to recruit all past DP Board Members and Leaders to become Captain’s for this year’s alumni fundraising competition; which will run from March 14th – April 4th. 

Extra incentive this year!

The DP is competing against college newsrooms and media organization’s from across the country in College Media Madness. We are confident in our collective ability to finish #1 in the nation! 

How to become a Masthead Madness Captain today!

Go to: Sign up, submit memories and pictures, make some shoutouts, send a few emails, and make a gift for your team between March 14th and April 4th.   

We look forward to crowning a new champ, seeing all the old memories shared, reading some classic DP tales and ensuring the DP finishes atop the College Media Madness standings.

We hope you will sign up today and use our Captain’s Kit to encourage others to support our efforts in raising money for students like me at The Daily Pennsylvanian. 

Thank you for your consideration and support of this year’s Masthead Madness.  

Let’s go! 


Yamin Phyu Phyu


NEW Alumni speaker series for Business Side begins this week

A top priority of the DP’s Business Department for this coming year is to foster a deeper connection with our business side and business centric alumni. In order to do this, we have created a new DPAA speaker series called Biz Matters where alumni will share their story, experiences and expertise directly with our students. 

Biz Matters will take place mostly on Fridays from 12:30pm – 1:30pm, in person and/or over Zoom. Guest speakers will be guided in a 30 – 40 minute interview for an audience of students; DPAA alumni are welcome too! We will take questions from the audience towards the conclusion of the program.

We are always in need of great speakers from a variety of backgrounds for future dates. If you are interested, please email Business Manager, Greg Ferrey at

We appreciate all the DPAA and our alumni do for our students and look forward to learning from you this semester!


Greg Ferrey

Business Manager at the Daily Pennsylvanian