About the DPAA

The Daily Pennsylvanian Alumni Association (DPAA) is an organization of alumni of the University of Pennsylvania’s student newspaper, The Daily Pennsylvanian. The DPAA was founded in 1987 and has a dual mission of serving both its alumni members and the current student staff of the DP. 

How DPAA members serve the student staff at the DP:

Make an annual gift. Dollars go directly to our students through financial aid, merit based assistance, fellowships, salary stipends, training, tools, and educational experiences.

Volunteer time and expertise. Work with our students as a mentor or provide on-call support when needed. 

Open doors. Assist in identifying and applying for internships and pre-professional opportunities for our students.  

How DPAA members serve fellow DP alumni:

Stay connected. Follow the DPAA on social media, keep your contact information current and stay up to date with organizational happenings, events, and important moments.

Celebrate everyone. Share personal and professional achievements and help to recognize others.

Utilize our professional network. Share and discover career opportunities and guidance.


Members of the DPAA Board

Currently, the DPAA has over 3,000 members across the world. The DPAA is run by a Board of Directors, who serve staggered three-year terms. The Board meets in Philadelphia three times each year. Alumni interested in serving on the Board may nominate themselves each fall by contacting us at dpaa@theDP.com.

Amy Gardner ’90, President

Ben Hammer ’98, Vice President

Taylor Culliver ’15 – Robin Fields ’89 – Rod Kurtz ’02

Nicholas Plagge ’01 – Joel Siegel ’79 – Martin Siegel ’77

Jen Sun ’14 – Anjali Tsui ’13 – Dan Turkenkopf ’01 – Julie Xie ’14