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  • DP Wins Pacemaker

    The DP won the 2020-2021 Pacemaker Award, the highest award given by the ACP/CMA! We are one of 15 four-year campus newspapers across the nation to win the award. It’s a terrific honor and it speaks to the dedication, skill and passion of every single student on staff. A fantastic honor well-earned. Congratulations!Read More:

  • DPAA Leaders Needed

    As The Daily Pennsylvanian continues to transform from a printed student newspaper sustained by ad revenue to an educational nonprofit supported by philanthropy, the need for new DPAA leaders to step forward has grown. We are a tradition that links every Penn student past and present. While 140 years old, The DP is also still blossoming

  • DP Investigative Journalism Award Established By Steve Stecklow ‘76, Philip Lentz, and John Daniszewski ‘79

    We are excited to announce that through their generosity, DP alumni Steve Stecklow ‘76 and John Daniszewski ‘79, along with friend and colleague Philip Lentz, have established the Stecklow/Lentz/Daniszewski Prize for Investigative Journalism. This new student prize will be awarded annually to a DP journalist for their outstanding work in the area of investigative journalism

  • Philanthropy will assure the DP’s success in big year ahead…

    The students are back, another fall semester is underway, and almost 500 students have shown interest in joining the DP through recruitment already. We are gearing up for a big year and we cannot do it without you and your philanthropic support. Through your giving each year, you amplify the voices of our students and upgrade

  • The Daily Pennsylvanian finished in the top 5 in the Associated Collegiate Press Clips and Clicks Sweepstakes.

    HUGE SHOUT OUTS to Chase Sutton for 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th places in News Photos AND 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Sports Photo; Sukhmani Kaur and Lindsey Perlman for 4th in News Story; and Sukhmani for 4th in Feature Story as well! Congrats to these students and every single person at The DP, Inc,

  • The DP wins the Pacemaker 100 Award!

    Congratulations to the student staff, past and present, at The Daily Pennsylvanian for being awarded The Pacemaker 100 Award, recognized as one of the Associated Collegiate Press’s top 100 publications in its 100 years of operation.

  • The New York Times profiles a new biography of John Marshall Harlan by Peter Canellos ’84 .

    Read more here!

  • A Message from the DP’s first Development Assistant, Liz Sunga

    My name is Liz Sunga, over the last year I have served as the DP’s first ever Development Assistant, working with others to design new and meaningful ways to generate DP alumni philanthropic support. It has been an impactful learning experience and I feel blessed to have been given an incredibly unique perspective of the

  • June Report 2021

    The DP had another award-winning year and it would not have been possible without the support of the DPAA. Read about what we accomplished and where we are headed as an organization.

  • Thank you to all who played the first ever Masthead Madness!

    So much fun, so many memories and some important funds raised! Thank you to all who came to play for our students. We are grateful to everyone who made the first Masthead Madness a success. A very big thank you to our 2021 Alumni Commissioners! Together, 40 DP Years raised over $21,000! Congratulations to our winners,

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