The DPAA Beat:

  • The DP wins the Pacemaker 100 Award!

    Congratulations to the student staff, past and present, at The Daily Pennsylvanian for being awarded The Pacemaker 100 Award, recognized as one of the Associated Collegiate Press’s top 100 publications in its 100 years of operation.

  • The New York Times profiles a new biography of John Marshall Harlan by Peter Canellos ’84 .

    Read more here!

  • A Message from the DP’s first Development Assistant, Liz Sunga

    My name is Liz Sunga, over the last year I have served as the DP’s first ever Development Assistant, working with others to design new and meaningful ways to generate DP alumni philanthropic support. It has been an impactful learning experience and I feel blessed to have been given an incredibly unique perspective of the

  • June Report 2021

    The DP had another award-winning year and it would not have been possible without the support of the DPAA. Read about what we accomplished and where we are headed as an organization.

  • Thank you to all who played the first ever Masthead Madness!

    So much fun, so many memories and some important funds raised! Thank you to all who came to play for our students. We are grateful to everyone who made the first Masthead Madness a success. A very big thank you to our 2021 Alumni Commissioners! Together, 40 DP Years raised over $21,000! Congratulations to our winners,

  • Eric Jacobs Talks about the DP and Masthead Madness

    Listen to Eric Jacobs talk about why he chose to donate and what the Daily Pennsylvanian meant to him! Masthead Madness ends on April 11th @11:59 PM EST! Donate today! Make your gift here.

  • Eight papers, Eight Women: Ivy League Editors-in-chief Reflect on Historic Milestone

    For the first time ever, all eight Ivy League papers are being led by female-presenting editors-in-chief (EICs). We are proud of our very own EIC Hadriana Lowenkron and the other Ivy League EICs for their leadership and commitment to student journalism. Read More here:

  • Masthead Madness 2021 Tips Off!

    For close to 140 years the student staff of the DP has carried and maintained our organization’s accomplished and esteemed legacy. Each and every year, each and every class, picking up the torch, leaving their own unique mark, and then passing it on to those who come after. The DP is an incredible Penn tradition

  • The DP Wins Gold Crown Award for Third Year in a Row!

    For the third year in a row, The Daily Pennsylvanian has won the prestigious Gold Crown Award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association as one of the nation’s top college news organizations. The Crown Awards honor top student publications chosen from CSPA’s members. Crowns are selected for overall excellence in a head-to-head comparison. During Crown consideration, publications

  • The Next Novel from Jessica Goodman (’12) Will Be Released This July

    Jessica Goodman (’12), alum of the DP, is releasing another highly anticipated YA novel! From EW: “Jessica Goodman is having a very good book year: She released her debut novel, They Wish They Were Us, last summer, and it’s currently in the works as an HBO Max adaptation starring Halsey and Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney. Now, she’s gearing

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