FY22 Annual Report


Our annual report is out. Full of messages from important leaders from around the organization, about the year we had and the year ahead. The Daily Pennsylvanian Alumni Association gave more than ever collectively; a total of $225,000 for student needs and organizational operations.

Thank you DPAA!


The DP: Our Student Journalists Want Your Help

Hi everyone!

My name is Pia, and I am the Executive Editor of The DP.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us make this year great so far. I look forward to connecting more this semester and hopefully meeting you one day! As some of you may know, the DP has been working with Mike Wisniewski to organize weekly alumni critiques of our content across DP, Street, UTB, and multimedia departments, which I share at our weekly Editorial Board meetings. I’ve found them really helpful myself when I was a News Editor last year mentoring many new reporters, and our current editors continue to find them valuable.

Based off of recent student feedback, I am hoping to reorganize the program with a new and improved process for our weekly alumni critiques, where each publication (and the multimedia departments) have a consistent set of alumni critiquing the work throughout the semester.

An ideal setup could look like this:

Total alums involved for weekly critiques:

6 alums for DP critiques (2 for News, 2 for Opinion, and 2 for Sports)
2 alums for Street critiques
1-2 alums for UTB critiques
1-2 for company-wide Design and Multimedia critiques

Each of these alums would ideally be responsible for handing back weekly critiques during a semester for their respective publication in advance of weekly Editorial Board meetings, which typically occur on Sunday evenings. This new arrangement would be to make students more comfortable in engaging with specific alums who have expertise in the content they critique (rather than one alum for all kinds of different content) and would hopefully make students feel as if they have a coordinated editorial mentor for their work.

They’re excited about making this adjustment officially happen, and I’d love all the support possible in coordinating this new critique program! A BIG thank you to the alums who have volunteered to critique this semester already! We really appreciate it, and I can’t express that enough.

Please feel free to email me at or Mike at if you’d like to join this team of critiquers.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Pia Singh

Executive Editor


An Introduction from the DP’s New Development Assistant, Allie Fehr

Dear DP Alumni Community,

Nice to meet you!

My name is Allie Fehr, and I am a second-year transfer student at Penn and the new DP Development Assistant. I am extremely excited to be working with the DP Development team to create and enhance efforts to generate DP alumni philanthropic support. 

When I decided to spend the next three years of my undergraduate education at Penn, I knew I wanted to witness and join the DP’s legacy as one of the nation’s top college news organizations. Having loved my own experience writing for my high school’s small but mighty newspaper, I am passionate about supporting student journalism. 

As your host of the DPAA beat, I will continue to share the stories and achievements of DP alumni. While celebrating the past, I will also document the story of the DP today by pulling back the curtain on production nights and spotlighting current staff. My goal is to emphasize how your philanthropic support directly contributes to the production of impactful journalism and meaningful experiences for Penn students.  

You give so much time, money and mentorship to the DP, so we hope to give back to you by making our network an interactive one. Be sure to follow the DPAA Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so you do not miss out on the latest DP news, events, archival dives, merch giveaways and more. 

I hope to see and talk to many of you this year!


Allie Fehr

Development Assistant


Set the DP Up for Success This Year

Dear DP Alumni Community,

September is here and at the DP that means first editions are out and we are in the midst of recruiting the next generation of DPers. We have planned for an impactful year ahead and we cannot do it without your philanthropic support!

Each year, your gift to the DP Advances annual campaign is a vote of confidence in our work and a key component in keeping the DP financially healthy. Looking ahead, we know that through your support, we will be able to continue producing incredible journalism and meaningful experiences for all types of students at Penn!

A few priorities and initiatives that your gifts will directly support this upcoming semester:

  • Expansive coverage of Penn’s new President, M. Elizabeth ‘Liz’ Magill
  • 34st Street’s RELAUNCH: A new look and monthly print magazine with the same great Street content!
  • DP Sports’ QuakerNation Brand Expansion: More in-depth and on the field and court coverage
  • Hosting our annual Marquez Conference: A place for students to learn from and network with DP alums of all backgrounds
  • A new home for the DP: The official public launch of our capital campaign for the purchasing of a new building

Let’s be honest… we couldn’t do it without you. We launched our Development department in early 2020 and you have helped to establish a true culture of philanthropy at the DP; increasing our annual giving revenue by 215% percent and allowing our organization to provide over $400,000 directly to students through scholarships, stipends, awards, prizes and more.

We continue to carry on your legacy. We take what each class and board leaves with genuine care. Making you proud with the DP’s current direction and content and proud to be a DP Alum, is a serious target we take aim at everyday.

The DP is ready to embark on our biggest year yet! Your continued generosity and partnership remains the key driver in our organization’s ability to make student dreams a reality. The opportunity is now here.


Thank you for your consideration.


Alessandra Pintado-Urbanc

President, 138th Board