Masthead Madness 2021 Tips Off!

For close to 140 years the student staff of the DP has carried and maintained our organization’s accomplished and esteemed legacy. Each and every year, each and every class, picking up the torch, leaving their own unique mark, and then passing it on to those who come after. The DP is an incredible Penn tradition that continues to reinvent itself through the generations and one that will always remain thanks to the support of our alumni. 

Over the years the DP has uncovered and answered a lot of questions. However, one question has always been unanswered. Which DP year is the best? Which DP year made the most impact? While we may never be able to objectively look back and answer that question, starting tonight there is a fun and meaningful new way for us to find out!

The first ever Masthead Madness has arrived! A new DP alumni tradition and giving competition designed to bring the DP family together, raise money for deserving students and continue to cement the DP’s legacy as one of the world’s leading student news and media organizations. 

It’s simple. Get in the Game Here before April 11th at 11:59 EST. Earn extra points by posting a selfie video, talking smack, making shout outs, and sharing your favorite DP memories and moments. Anyone can give toward your DP Team, so spread the word and let’s have fun while we raise money for the hardest working students in college news and media. 

May the best year win! 

Much appreciation, 

Masthead Madness 2021 Alumni Commissioners

Eric Brachfeld ‘84 – Peter Canellos ‘84 – Lauren Feiner ‘17

Lee Levine ‘76 – Amy Potter ‘04 – Ken Rosenthal ‘84

Marty Siegel ‘77 – Dan Spinelli ‘18 – Amanda Suarez ‘16

Cal Silcox ‘12 – Clemson L. Smith Muniz ‘79