The time has come to connect and reconnect with DP alumni, in a fun way! The time has come to raise dollars for DP students, programs and services. The time has come to help fill in the gaps of our lineage and strengthen the threads of legacy at the DP. The time has come for Masthead Madness!

We hope that this year’s competition will spark a new tradition and renew some rivalries, all to the benefit of our deserving students and organization. 

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Tip-off on March 30th 6:00 PM EST!

Beat the Buzzer by April 11th 11:59 PM EST!

Score for your team by making a gift to the DP!

Earn Extra Points: 

Make and share a selfie video explaining why you participated and encourage others to get in the game as well. Use: #MastMad21

Share a DP Memory: 

Submit old DP photos and videos to MastMad@thedp.com 

Shout Outs and Smack Talk:

Send in a message of inspiration or call out a rival to be posted on this page! Submit to MastMad@thedp.com 

Encourage Others! 

A family member, friend or colleague can play too! So, be sure to share, like, love, comment and use #MastMad21, logos, pics, and posts on social media throughout the competition. And don’t forget to keep up with the scores and highlights!


May the best year win! Let’s Go!


  2021 Masthead Madness Alumni Commissioners

Eric Brachfeld (‘84)     Peter Canellos (‘84)     Lauren Feiner (‘17)     Lee Levine (‘76)  

Amy Potter (‘04)   Ken Rosenthal (‘84)   Marty Siegel (‘77)   Dan Spinelli (‘18) 

Amanda Suarez (‘16)    Cal Silcox (‘12)    Clemson L. Smith Muniz (‘79)

Hear Why these DP Alumni Got in the Game!

For any questions or information, please email MastMad@thedp.com