DPAA Leaders Needed

As The Daily Pennsylvanian continues to transform from a printed student newspaper sustained by ad revenue to an educational nonprofit supported by philanthropy, the need for new DPAA leaders to step forward has grown. We are a tradition that links every Penn student past and present.

While 140 years old, The DP is also still blossoming as a student media organization. Our students are charting a new course; that is more in line with recent shifts in society, media and journalism and that will allow the organization to continue to adapt more easily in the future.

This new energy and excitement brings with it emerging needs, challenges and opportunities for the DP Alumni Association and our members. The DPAA has always strived to provide the guidance and leadership our students have needed to maintain the elite level of storytelling that is the DP’s legacy. In this moment, at this time and in this world, your help is valued and needed more than ever. 

Today’s staff at the DP is more diverse than ever, our newsroom is virtual and digital products are now the focus for the business side. We are excited to share that we are openly recruiting for the next generation of leadership at the committee and board levels of the DPAA, seeking out those who can assist our students in the new media landscape. 

Serving in a leadership role for the DPAA is an opportunity to work directly with student journalists, provide financial support and transformative experiences and maintain and grow a world-class network of Penn alumni each and every year. 

Those interested in becoming an alumni leader during this exciting moment for The DP should email Director of Development Steven Molberger at or DPAA President Amy Gardner at, by Monday November 1st, 2021. Please include a brief description of your experiences and what you believe you can offer to The DP. 

Looking forward to growing our organization with you!


Amy Gardner C’90

President Daily Pennsylvanian Alumni Association