How do I update my email address (or other work or contact information)?

You need to login to the website, and then select My Profile under the Member Center menu.

What if I don’t remember my username and/or password to login, or I’ve never logged into this site?

Click Login at the top right of any page on the site, and on the login page, click the “Forgot your password?” link. Enter your email address, and the website will email you your username and password.

If we don’t have your email address in our database, or if you’ve changed email addresses, the website will tell you there is no username and password for the email address you entered. In this case, you need to contact us directly, and we’ll update your data so you’re able to log in. Send an email with your name, class year and your new preferred email address, and we’ll get you set up in no time.

I won’t remember the username and/or password you assigned me; can I change it/them to something I’ll remember?

Sure! Log in to the site (see above if you don’t know your current login information), and got to My Profile under the Member Center menu. Click Edit Profile, and your username and password will be the first two items in your profile which you can change to anything you’d like. (While you’re here, check to see if any other contact information below needs to be updated!) Then, make sure you click the red Save link near the top on the right.

How can I tell if my Membership is current and up-to-date?

While logged into the site, go to My Profile under the Member Center menu. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and the last item shows your “Paid Thru Date” — which for current paid members is generally December 31 of the current year, or December 31 of next year if your membership was paid after June 30 of the current year.

How do I pay for membership so I can search the Alumni Directory?

Login to the website (see above) and select Pay or Renew My Membership under the Member Center menu. You’ll be able to choose a one- or two-year membership and pay via our secure server.

Can you bill me for my Membership?

It’s best to pay your membership online — it’s faster, there’s less manual work involved, and there’s less chance of error. But if you want us to mail you a form to fill out and return with a check, we can do so. Write us at

I have a story or idea for the DPAA Newsletter. Where do I send that?

Email us at

I have a story or idea for the DP. How can I get it to the appropriate DP editor?

Contact the DP Editors.

Have a questions we haven’t answered? Let us know, and maybe we’ll add it to this FAQ list!

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