How do I update my email address (or other work or contact information)?

Our previous website allowed alumni to log in to edit their own profile. Nice concept, but most people didn’t use it or didn’t remember their login. So now, simply email us at with any changes to your email address, home address, phone number(s),  job title or where you work; we’ll take care of updating you in our database.

How can I tell if my Membership is current and up-to-date?

We no longer work on a strict annual “membership” in the DPAA. Instead, we ask alumni to support the DPAA and DP with an annual contribution of whatever size you can afford to give. On this system, you can also set your contribution to be made automatically on an annual or monthly basis, so you don’t have to remember when you last contributed. (But if you’d like to know when you made your last gift, just shoot us an email at at and we’ll be happy to look it up and email you back.

How can I search the Alumni Directory?

As mentioned above, our previous alumni website had a self-service model so users could log in and then search the database of alumni. We found that very few people were using that functionality, and it was cumbersome to support because it required everyone to remember how to log into a site they likely used very infrequently. So our current site has no logins at all — but the downside of that is that you can’t search the directory. We won’t publish the data on the Internet without keeping it private among DP alumni, so without logins, we need to keep the member database inaccessible online. But we’ll be happy to look up whatever you’re looking for. Want to find a particular alum? Or alums from your class? People who work for a particular company or in a specific city? We can do that! Email us at with what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible with the information you’re seeking. And if we find there’s a resurgence of demand for an online directory, we’ll work to bring that back in the future.

Can you bill me for my annual contribution?

It’s best to pay your membership online — it’s faster, there’s less manual work involved, and there’s less chance of error. If you prefer, you can call the DP business office to make a payment with a credit card by phone: call (215) 422-4640 ext. 1 between 9 am and 5 pm (Eastern) weekdays. If you prefer us to mail you a form to fill out and return with a check, we can do so. Write us at

I have a story or idea for the DPAA Newsletter. Where do I send that?

Email us at

I have a story or idea for the DP. How can I get it to the appropriate DP editor?

Contact the DP Editors.

Have a questions we haven’t answered? Let us know, and maybe we’ll add it to this FAQ list!

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