An End of Year Message from Molly Cohen ’25

Dear DP Alumni Community,

We sincerely hope this email finds you well! 

My name is Molly Cohen, I am in my first year at Penn and I am a member of the DP’s Development team. Believe it or not, another great year at the Daily Pennsylvanian is coming to a close. Thanks to gifts from DP alumni, our 137th year was extremely successful! We were able to tell the stories that affected the Penn community most and continue our work towards becoming a more inclusive organization. Most importantly, together we provided financial support and transformative experiences for the DP student staff. 

Our team of writers, editors, photographers, podcasters, marketers, storytellers and more, worked tirelessly in 2021 to produce the award winning work that has become our organization’s standard and legacy. None of this would have been possible without the generosity of our alumni.

Without a doubt 2021 has been long and tiring for everyone, Penn students included; however, our students were there at every twist and turn to cover the news, discuss the latest trends, and even crack a joke. With your generosity, the Daily Pennsylvanian will continue to be the home for creativity, ingenuity and storytelling on campus. As the DP welcomes its 138th board and as we are preparing for our biggest year yet, please consider donating to help student journalism and media thrive at Penn.

Over 480 donors have given to the Daily Pennsylvanian in the last year, enabling the DPAA to provide more than ever before; allocating and awarding close to $200,000 to our dedicated and deserving students. It is not too late to join your fellow alumni in helping the next generation of Quakers learn how to tell the stories that must be told and can only be told at the DP.

Make Your Annual Gift Today

Thank you for all you do. Have a wonderful holiday and a Happy New Year! 

Warm regards,

Molly Cohen ’25

Project Manager             

DP Development