A note from the DP Diversity Chairs

Dear Daily Pennsylvanian Alumni Association Members:

At the DP, we’ve become accustomed to constantly turning our investigative lens outwards–at students and student organizations, the school administration, and members of the Philadelphia community. It’s time for us to take a critical look inwards and reflect upon our own biases, limitations, and areas for improvement. We need to take responsibility for how our choice in coverage shapes the perspectives of the entire Penn audience on important issues like race and equity.

As the official Diversity & Inclusion Chairs, we are excited to announce a number of new projects and opportunities for growth at the DP. We hope to expand the DP Fellows program and bring in new, bold voices to speak their minds at the DP. Through workshops, panels, and discussions, we are doing our best to put diversity at the forefront of every part of our organization. We look forward to continuing to build relationships with members at all levels–writers, editors, staffers, and alumni–to make a united effort towards creating a more inclusive and equitable environment at the DP.

The fight for institutional change will be long and difficult, but the potential for positive impact is enormous. With your support, we hope to establish meaningful precedents that make the DP a welcoming and trustworthy organization for many years to come.

Take care,

Angela Shen and Kami Houston

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