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The students are back, another fall semester is underway, and almost 500 students have shown interest in joining the DP through recruitment already. We are gearing up for a big year and we cannot do it without you and your philanthropic support. Through your giving each year, you amplify the voices of our students and upgrade the educational experience and resources our organization is able to offer.

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Your DP Advances gift provides the DP with the ability to maintain financial independence; which is key to our editorial effectiveness and incredibly important for those Penn students who seek to discover and tell the stories that must be told.

Your DP Advances annual gift is a powerful vote of confidence in a group of Penn students who are tasked with:

  • Reporting on an institutional behemoth
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  • Asking the tough questions of our community and ourselves

Your generosity each year makes possible the experiences that shape lives and careers. The dollars you give go directly to our students through training, salary stipends, scholarships, internships, prizes, awards and more. 

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