A Message from the DP’s first Development Assistant, Liz Sunga

My name is Liz Sunga, over the last year I have served as the DP’s first ever Development Assistant, working with others to design new and meaningful ways to generate DP alumni philanthropic support. It has been an impactful learning experience and I feel blessed to have been given an incredibly unique perspective of the DP through my work. I am reaching out to share why I think it is important for DP alumni to make an annual gift before the close of our fiscal year on June 30th. 
I’ve discovered that the DP brings a magnetism and excitement that is hard to find through other student groups and activities.As one of the oldest and most prestigious student journalistic institutions in the US, it is no surprise that each year new cohorts of Penn students, myself included, join the DP to witness and be a part of its legacy. The heart of the DP will always be the hard working student journalists that search, write, and tell the stories that need to be told, while maintaining an impressive and consistent level of excellence. The DP is a recent three time winner of the Gold Crown Award, recognized as one of the nation’s top college news organizations.  

Supporting the DP in 2021 is more than just supporting a publication. Supporting the DP today also means supporting diversity and inclusion. As a minority myself, it is personally touching to know that I work for an organization that seeks to hear my voice and see my truth. The DP Fellows Program, which was launched this past year, advocates for the increased involvement of student journalists from historically marginalized groups, providing them support in funding and in mentorship. The DP is working hard to provide students like me with a platform to end generations-long silence and speak up for what we believe, amidst adversity and controversy, especially regarding parts of our identity that has for so long been stifled. I am grateful for the opportunity and proud to be on staff.  

The DP is always here for our students and the DP is always there for the Penn community. This is our legacy, however, there is no continuing legacy of the DP without increased support from alumni. I’d like to encourage all DP alumni to consider making an annual gift to the DP, no matter the size. There is strength in numbers and all funds go directly to students through financial assistance, salary stipends, scholarships, awards, prizes and more; true difference makers for many of us who have had barriers to participation removed by your support.   

Through our Development efforts we seek to not only raise funds, but to spur the DP alumni network into action. Your donations and support for the DP, monetary, in-kind, and through mentorship, are the expressions of your belief to keep the DP’s spirit alive and are an enormous vote of confidence in us, the students. This inspires us to give more to the organization, to contribute, to explore and to make stronger connections within the community.

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Thank you for all you have given and continue to give. I hope to meet more of you in person over the next year.    

With great respect,                 
Annelisse S. Sunga
Development Assistant