Happy 50th Birthday, 34th Street!

The October 10, 2018 issue of 34th Street Magazine is a nostalgic, fun look back at the 50 years the magazine has been in existence on its golden anniversary.

The issue features articles by 13 former 34th Street Editors-in-Chief, starting with founding editor Bill Mandel ’69 explaining how and why the magazine got launched. Many, many more DP and 34th Street alumni are mentioned in those reminiscences.

You can selectively read articles online by clicking here, view the entire issue on Issuu by clicking here, or download the issue as a PDF by clicking here.

But we know that some DP and Street alumni might like to get a physical copy of the anniversary edition, so you can also order one for a simple $5 shipping charge by clicking here (“for a limited time,” as they say).

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