About the new DPAA website

If you’ve visited the DP Alumni Association website in the past, you’ll likely notice we’ve done some cleanup and given the site a new look and improved functionality.

The DPAA moved the website and alumni database to new platforms to better support the organization’s efforts moving forward. Our previous website, built on a system designed for communication among members of a closed community, launched just as Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media exploded in popularity. As a result, the internal networking tools in our old platform never took off, and most alumni never visited the site other than to make a periodic donation to the DP. And because the site was complex to operate, DPAA Board members and volunteers rarely used it to post news and information to the DP alumni community.

This new website is built on the popular, easy-to-use WordPress platform. In the months and years ahead, we hope to post much more content you may find of interest — and hope you’ll return here from time to time to see what’s new with the DPAA and DP. We’ve added some content from the DP, selected by the DP’s editors, that they think would be of most interest to alumni.

Separately, our new member management system does away with the need for user logins and passwords, which frustrated any alumni who used the site infrequently. Now, if you want to make a donation to the DP, you can click the link on the right side of the page and do so in a few seconds, without logging in. (Just like almost every other charitable organization in the world!)

Speaking of donations, you can now set up recurring annual or monthly donations to the DP. One of the most frequent complains alumni shared with us is that they forgot when they last contributed, and didn’t know if they were due or overdue to make their annual donation. Now, you can simply tell the system to make a contribution every year — or even better, every quarter or every month — and it will happen automatically. (The secure back-end system is powered by Blackbaud, one of the largest processors of donations for charitable organizations in the world.)

There is one step backwards with these changes: because the system is no longer login-based, you can no longer access the database of DP alumni automatically. Statistics on our previous system showed us that very few people were using this function. But we’re always happy to provide any DP alumni contact information if you simply shoot us an email at dpaa@theDP.com. Use that same address to send us any updates to your contact information (new email, new mailing address, new job). And if we find many people miss the online directory, we’ll look to bring it back in some different form in the future.

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